17th to 27th May, 2019

Mother Gaia, Artemis, Athena, the Swan Knight, the Greek Pantheon with its Myths and Mysteries, the ancient Mystery Schools, the Philosophers, Essenes (Therapeutae) and Atlantis, all these themes play important roles in this fabulous journey of discovery and reunion with ancient places and Self.

On this very special historical and philosophical group tour with Anneke Koremans (author, historical researcher and photographer, a.k.a. Jeanne D'Août) you will discover ancient Greece and explore the most important sites: from ancient Athens & Delphi to the legendary city of Mycenae, and from the breathtaking Meteora region with its monasteries built on weathered rock tops to Minoan Crete and Santorini.

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    Part 1: Ancient mainland Greece; Goddesses & Oracles

    During this first segment of this tour we will discover the antique world of Greece, visiting the famous Canal of Corinth, the Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus where the Therapeutai worked, the Apollo Temple (site of the Oracle) at Delphi, the Pan Cave above Delphi and the Greek capital, Athens. We will talk about the Mysteries, the Greek philosophers, mythology, the Hermetic Teachings and the Kybalion, and rediscover the ancient earth goddess, Gaia.

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    Part 2: Crete & Santorini; Minoans and Atlantis

    During this second segment of the tour, we will explore the ancient history of the islands of Crete and Santorini; discovering the myths and legends and Plato's story of Atlantis. It may be just a theory saying that Santorini could well have been the site of Plato's Atlantis, but for certain, the disastrous volcanic eruption (between 1650 and 1600 B.C.E.) played a major roll in the disappearence of the Minoan civilization. So what was this Minoan civilization, what can we find today on the islands? On Crete we will visit Knossos and the Zeus Cave, as well as the archaeological museum in Heraklion. On Santorini we visit Akrotiri (the ancient Minoan city) and gorgeous Oia.

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